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If you think a deck of All the Feelzzz - Feelzzz Cards would go missing immediately, no worries - we've got your covered. Buy the All the Feelzzz -Manual Workbook and the All the Feelzzz - None of the Words booklet only and skip the deck of cards!

I'd lose all those cards...

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  • Includes:

    All the Feelzzz - Manual Workbook

    120 pages - printed in black and white 8.5x11 manual. This manual introduces All the Feelzzz, an alternative way for neurodivergent individuals to communicate discomfort, difference, and/or pain. It includes the rationale for the design of the Feelzzz, step by step considerations for utilizing the Feelzzz, and a framework for partners who may be helping individuals learn or use the Feelzzz. In addition, the manual includes a literature review focused on current understanding of the “pain” in relation to autistic individuals. All Feelzzz graphics and supports are included in black and white for easy reference while reading through the manual. The glossary that provides word-based descriptions for all of the Feelzzz images is also included.

    All the Feelzzz - None of the Words

    44 pages- printed in full color 6x9 booklet. This booklet is designed to accompany the All the Feelzzz Manual. It includes each of the Feelzzz graphics printed in an easy to flip through booklet format. It can be used to familiarize oneself with the Feelzzz and also as a communication tool. A full color Autism Level UP! Energy Meter is included, as is a glossary that provides word-based descriptions for all of the images.

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