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Point-N-Play! A way to show and tell at the playground. All children have the right to play and communication should not be a barrier to that right. This banner features core vocabulary, a full alphanumeric row, words around play, playgrounds and fun, basic needs and more. The banner includes an Autism Level UP! Energy Meter featuring monsters from Ra Vashtar as well as much more of Ra's art


10ft. wide x 2.5 feet high

metal grommets every 1 ft (easily attaches to chainlink fence with zip ties, or can be drilled to a wooden surface as it is in the picture provided)

waterproof, UV resistant coating

durable, easy to store and clean

printed in color

includes a QR code that can be scanned for mobile phone access to the visual so users do not have to remain stationed at at the location of the banner

Point-N-Play Playground Banner

SKU: 3009
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